VRgluv ENTERPRISE Kit - Haptic Gloves & SDK
VRgluv ENTERPRISE Kit - Haptic Gloves & SDK
VRgluv ENTERPRISE Kit - Haptic Gloves & SDK
VRgluv ENTERPRISE Kit - Haptic Gloves & SDK
VRgluv ENTERPRISE Kit - Haptic Gloves & SDK

VRgluv ENTERPRISE Kit - Haptic Gloves & SDK

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VRgluv ENTERPRISE Haptic Gloves are the new standard in VR input devices. Our gloves make every hands-on interaction in VR more immersive. Features powerful force feedback haptics and ultra-reliable hand tracking in a pair of compact, wireless gloves.

1x Pair of VRgluv Enterprise Edition Haptic Gloves (Left & Right)

1x VRgluv SDK License

2x Batteries

1x Dual Battery Charger

1x Heavy Duty Carrying Case



These are the most powerful haptics in the game. VRgluv patented technology generates up to 10 pounds of active Force Feedback on each finger to simulate the size, shape and stiffness of any virtual object. Integrated force sensors measure your fingers’ resistance and allow you to manipulate hard and soft objects with human-like touch.


Our patented finger tracking technology provides the most accurate and reliable motion capture experience on the market for your hands. Our patented tracking system does not rely on external cameras, drifting IMUs or damaged flex sensors and is easily calibrated in under 10 seconds. Each finger features 3 DoF tracking including lateral/splay tracking and individual joint motion capture.


It's time to unplug your hands and break free from cables and tethers. Our haptic gloves feature low-latency industrial grade Bluetooth to reliably and seamlessly transmit and receive hand tracking and haptic data. Swappable Li-Po batteries allow you to remain in VR for extended periods of time without having to take off your gloves.


Hand Tracking Sensors: VRgluv Patented Finger Tracking

Tracking DoF: 3 DoF per finger, includes lateral/splay tracking, 21 DoF total per hand

Tracking Performance: Sub-millimeter accuracy, <10ms latency

Haptic Architecture: Patented Force Feedback, Palm vibration

Force Feedback Specs: Active Force Feedback, Responsive, Max 10 lbs force @ 2 Force Zones per finger

Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless (USB wired option available upon request)

Power Supply: Rechargeable, swappable batteries

Weight: 1 lb per glove

Compatible Platforms: Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, Valve Index, SteamVR, Unity, Unreal


Create, Develop & Explore

Develop your own haptic interactions in VR with ease. With plugins for Unreal Engine 4, Unity and Steam VR, you can create infinite touch-powered experiences for any application.


Have questions about VRgluv Enterprise? Reach out to contact@vrgluv.com or visit the VRgluv ENTERPRISE page on VRgluv.com